About the Northern Universities Consortium

The Northern Universities Consortium (NUCCAT) is drawn from Higher Education Institutions across northern and central England and Northern Ireland and:

‘Provides a forum for higher education practitioners with an interest in the design, implementation and regulation of credit-based curriculum and its implications for the student experience and progression, reflecting the changing dynamics of the sector.’

The Northern Universities Consortium works on behalf of its members to:

  • Share best practice in the development of modularity, credit frameworks and academic frameworks including assessment regulations and level descriptors;
  • Respond to national consultations and other drivers and work with fellow credit consortia to resolve issues of common interest;
  • Undertake specific projects on credit and other activities that deliver the aims of the Consortium;
  • Promote staff development and mentorship in these areas.

The Consortium’s activity is focused on the provision of members’ seminars, discussion fora and delivery of an annual conference and workshop programme to support areas of relevant activity.

For further information on the Northern Universities Consortium and its activities please contact the NUCCAT Team by email: nuccat@shu.ac.uk or phone: 0114 225 2912.