About Us

NUCCAT is drawn from Higher Education Institutions across Northern and Central England and Northern Ireland. We are a forum for HE practitioners with an interest in the design, implementation and regulation of credit based curriculum and its implications for the student experience and progression, reflecting the changing dynamics of the sector. We were founded in 1991 and our membership has grown significantly, with institutional representatives’ roles drawn from a range of registry, quality and learning and teaching functions.

The Northern Universities Consortium works with and on behalf of its members to:

  • Share best practice in the development of modularity, credit frameworks and academic frameworks including assessment regulations and level descriptors;
  • Respond to national consultations and other drivers and work with fellow credit consortia to resolve issues of common interest;
  • Undertake specific projects on credit and other activities that deliver the aims of the Consortium;
  • Promote staff development and mentorship in these areas.
  • Support members to produce research to enhance both the professional development and knowledge of both individual members and the wider NUCCAT Community.
  • We are a group of practitioners and our activities reflect the diversity of our members’ interests, activities and challenges in the workplace. Our ethos is collegiate and we support our colleagues in their roles by sharing our practice, experience and expertise.
  • As a member institution, you will join our growing network and can directly contribute to the enrichment of practice in your own institutions and across the HE sector. Our members can enhance their professional development and networks through our events programme and research programme.